Upcoming Events & Performances.

In the coming weeks, Alluvium Theatre will continue to stage online events and performances over Zoom. These presentations and voice dances aim to echo the “alluvium” of interactions, encounters, and observations from 120 days spent along the Mississippi River. Over thousands of hours, a precious experience unfolded, and is now held in the body of many people, in the lives of a diverse population along the Mississippi River. We hope you will join us for any and all of these moments of reflection and reconnection.


Throughout last summer's Relay and our recent Zoom Reunions, we've moved together down the great river from headwaters to mouth.

Through landscapes, communities and voices, we've listened and learned with you, sharing rituals, rhythms, and routines.

Let's gather again for a round of stories and conversation about the reasons we make the Mississippi River our home.

Check back soon for details, and register here to participate.

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