They wait and wait and wait


Overcast skies set off the lush and vibrant green of the earth next to the farmhouse of Roger Kreiger, standing out front ready for work, sleeves cut off of a blue t-shirt, worn down blue jeans, glasses hanging from the neck, faded baseball cap, gray hair poking out the sides—unwieldy, strong tanned arms, worn hands. Antique combine, gator, old truck off in the distance next to a barn alongside a sprawling oak tree.

02 - Victoria

How many folks are farming like you are now?

03 - Roger

Look over, deep breath, hands by sides, strong chest, slight stepping left right.

04 - Roger

I’d say probably less than ten percent.

05 - Victoria


06 - Roger

Look left with eyes only, left hand raises up holding open palmed.

07 - Roger

You know, I mean, it it took off,

08 - Roger

Scrunch lips, face, twitch fingers, almost counting.

09 - Roger

back about five years ago we had 8 dollar corn,

10 - Roger

Turn head right, drop left hand slight bounce, open.

11 - Roger

which I’ve sold corn from a dollar and a quarter

12 - Roger

Both hands and body shift right.

13 - Roger

to eight oh six,

14 - Roger

Return left, raising left hand toward shoulder then drop to side, right hand to abdomen.

15 - Roger

now just a, just about two weeks

16 - Roger

Left hand recover in, repetitive slow shake at center.

17 - Roger

or three weeks ago it was rubbin four dollars,

18 - Roger

Diminutive wave open of hands.

19 - Roger

and now it’s about three twenty,

20 - Roger

Flick left hand in.

21 - Roger

three thirty,

22 - Roger

Push hands to right.

23 - Roger

they come out and said we’re gonna have a bumper crop and they just—

24 - Roger

Left thumb down, tilt head, body, recover to center holding.