No. 5: A River Connected: stories about river, race, home, and climate

12 Noon, Thursday, May 19, 2022

All communities, every state

Gathering and Welcome

Introduction: Who are you, where are you, and what is the river to you?

River—Climate: Freda Hall

Transplant to Minnesota from southern Colorado who finds the magic of the Mississippi making a new place into home.

Q&A: How can we participate in the health of the river?

Climate—Home: Mitch Jurisich

The “oyster king” of Empire, Louisiana discusses the fate of his industry and the land it depends upon.

Q&A: Why do we make our homes in threatened environments?

Home—Race: Rebecca Hutchison

An inspired and inspiring neighborhood organizer makes positive change in Memphis, Tennessee.

Q&A: How do you build better neighborhoods along the river?

Another young change maker moving into the Delta, raising up the voices of its youth.

Q&A: How do you join voices with those who’ve been silenced?

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We were a small group today, but an animated one. Many thanks to Graydon Swisher, our good friend from Memphis, for joining the Zoom today and sharing his insights into each story. We are excited for the assignment he left us with—the new Mississippi River stamp series is about to come out, and it’s our job to send Graydon the Minnesota stamp postmarked from Saint Paul. AND, if we can swing it, the Louisiana stamp postmarked from Baton Rouge perhaps, and any other states we can coordinate through our contacts so to complete his collection! What a fun challenge.

I hope some folks will find this episode here online after the fact. These stories are so rich and full, and they deserve to be in conversation still. Also, don’t forget that the new interactive website with complete stories and much improved audio and video will be coming out this fall, so do stay tuned for that. We hope you’ll stay in touch and spread the word.