No. 10: A River Connected: stories about river, race, home, and climate

12 Noon, Thursday, January 19, 2022

Dinah Bradford

Gathering and Welcome

Introduction: Who are you, where are you, and what is the river to you?

River—Climate: Kevin Hanson

DNR Fisheries expert and electrofishing guide, Kevin has over 25 years on the Mississippi and a strong stewardship of the water.

Q&A: How can we be stewards of the River?

Climate—Home: Louis Guedon

Multi-generational farmer who’s lived and farmed through a shifting floodplain. Be prepared to check your preconceptions at the door.

Q&A: Why do we make our homes in threatened environments?

Home—Race: Lonnie Smith

Greenville fire chief, civic advocate, and avid runner, Lonnie Smith was tuned into the Delta.

Q&A: How do you come to terms with the situation you were born into?

Artist and activist from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota working across international lines in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Q&A: How do we break out of cultural and racial divisions?

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January’s webisode was a great one for content and a sparse one for attendance. That didn’t keep us from soldiering on through the stories so we could at least post them here online. Maybe someone out there will tune in after the fact.

I’m not sure if we should continue this series, although we only have two more to go to complete the slate we have planned. We took a long break before January, so maybe folks forgot about us! Each of the stories we share via Zoom connect back to a larger story embedded in the new Relay of Voices website. New stories are unfolding there each month as we journey down the River, this month starting in Le Claire, Iowa and ending up in Elsberry, Missouri. We hear from farmers, religious communities, conservationists, and more. The River is wide and varied, and so are its stories.

Join us next month for A River Connected, Episode 11! Sign up here, and tune in on October 16th at Noon!